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Sports Roundup: UCLA's Lonzo Ball, better than Michael Jordan?

UCLA's Lonzo Ball
UCLA's Lonzo Ball

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Adidas gives prospective NFL players pretty big incentive to break a record: their own island.  And there's been speculation that UCLA’s Lonzo Ball will be better than Michael Jordan when he goes pro. Well, at least his father thinks so. 

A Martinez gets the latest with Take Two contributors Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. 

UCLA guard Lonzo Ball is one of the best players in college basketball. He's projected to be a top 5 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. He also has two brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, who play at Chino Hills High School, and who have both committed to UCLA.

People that follow college basketball know how good the Ball brothers are. Their dad LaVar was always sure his sons would good.  In January he appeared on TMZ:

It's great to be a supportive dad, but is boasting a risky strategy?

The NFL draft combine was topic no. 2 today with the Kamenetzky brothers.  It's where college football players get evaluated for the draft. Prospective players are weighed, measured and tested on skills that might translate to pro football. 

But the one that gets the most attention is the 40-yard dash. And this year Adidas is offering a unique opportunity to anyone who can break the record of 4.24 seconds set in 2008 by Chris Johnson. 

They'll get an island.

So we had our our mini version of this race here at KPCC.  Here's Take Two producer Leo Duran:

And Lori Galarreta:

Calls made to Adidas have not been returned. 

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