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Tuesday Reviewsday: Sofia Reyes and Sin Bandera

Recording artist Sofía Reyes
Recording artist Sofía Reyes

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 If you don't have the time to keep up with the latest in new music, we've got the perfect solution for you: Tuesday Reviewsday. Every week our music experts come in to talk about the best new tunes in one short segment. This week music journalist Justino Aguila join A Martinez with his top picks. 


Sofia Reyes

Album: Louder!

Sofía Reyes, 21, is a recording artist from Mexico who in the last few years has become a fixture in Latin pop music.  She reached the top spot on Billboard's Latin Pop Chart with "Solo Yo" featuring Prince Royce and according to her team, she has more than 100 million hits on all digital platforms.

Sofia was the first artist to sign with Prince Royce's D'Leon Records in collaboration with Warner Music and Bakab Productions.

Her first hit was "Muévelo" (Move It) in 2007 with Wisin reaching more than 32 million hits on YouTube. Her pop songs are in Spanish and English and tend to have an R&B flavor as well. Reyes is positioned to become an even bigger artist as she grows as an artist with an already strong following of fans.

 Sin Bandera

Album: Primera Fila Acústico "Una Última Vez - Encore (First Row Acoustic "One Last Time")

Noel Schajris (SHA-rees) is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Leonel Garcia is from Mexico City. Together they are the Latin Grammy-winning Sin Bandera, the Latin pop duo that can really no wrong especially with their fans because their music, melodies and beautiful ballads transcend. 

Here they are performing one of the songs we featured today, "Adios."

From jazz to pop and R&B, Sin Bandera debuted in 2000 and captivated the world with their music. Then in 2008 the friends went off to have solo careers. In 2015, they reunited for a tour that will likely last until 2018 before they jump back on solo career projects. Their ability to connect with their audiences has been key to their success.