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Sports Round-up: High charges to see LA's newest team

Mocked images of L.A. Chargers at StubHub Center.
Mocked images of L.A. Chargers at StubHub Center.
Courtesy StubHub center

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Sports entertainment in LA comes with a high price these days. That's going to get even more substantial once LA's newest football team settles in.

The average ticket to see the brand new Los Angeles Chargers will cost $192, the most expensive in the NFL.

One reason for that: they'll be playing in Carson's Stub Hub Center which only has 30,000 seats. Compare that to the 90,000 seat LA Coliseum where the Rams play and ticket prices average just over $100.

Those are face value prices - if you have to buy your tickets from a reseller like Stub Hub, you'll pay a good deal more.

But in two years, when both teams move to that new stadium in Inglewood, fans may be in for the biggest sticker shock of their lives.

To break down just how much it's going to cost to go to an NFL game in LA, Take Two's A Martinez spoke with Brian and Andy Kamenetzky.

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