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The Brood: 'The Bad Kids' offers lessons in empathy and second chances

Student Joey McGee walking to school, in THE BAD KIDS.
Student Joey McGee walking to school, in THE BAD KIDS.
Low Key Pictures. Courtesy of FilmRise.

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There's a high school in Southern California that's considered a last resort for some of the region's teenagers.

Every student at Black Rock Continuation High School in Yucca Valley has fallen so far behind in school credits that they have almost no chance at receiving a diploma.

Many of these kids are dealing with tough situations at home, like parents who are abusing drugs or alcohol. Some of the students are parents themselves, trying to balance raising a kid while finishing their coursework.

A new documentary titled "The Bad Kids" focuses in on the stories of three students struggling to make it to graduation:

Co-director Keith Fulton and Black Rock High School principal Vonda Viland joined Take Two's Alex Cohen to talk about the film and the school's approach to educating students who've been labeled "bad kids."

The Bad Kids opens at Laemmle NoHo 7 on Friday, December 16.

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