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The Styled Side: the most trendy holiday gifts for 2016

Would you like this as a holiday gift?
Would you like this as a holiday gift?
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Maybe Black Friday left you blue and empty-handed.

For advice on the trendiest gifts this holiday season  Michelle Dalton Tyree from Fashion Trends Daily joined Take Two with some ideas. 

For the too-cool teen who Instagrams

A mermaid blanket, duh!

It’s this cozy knit blanket knit into the shape of a mermaid tail that just slips on to the lower half of your body.

This blanket is one of the hottest items on social media right now.

Mermaid everything has been a very hot trend this past year – in fact, young kids were buying these mermaid swimming tails – but this trend is big with the Instagram-obsessed set.


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For the little kids in your life

A pet ... but one that is parent approved.

Hatchimals is the hottest toy of the season. The kind where feathers fly in the store as parents claw over it.

When you pet it, it hatches into the bird-ish creature. Then, as the kid interacts with it, the pet is trained to say things and play games.

For the hipsters you know

This is easy. You get them the Hipster Nativity Set.

It's from the San Diego-based company Modern Nativity, which has been garnering a ton of press this season both from fans and unhappy Christmas purists alike.

This hilarious toy is practically a non-denominational nativity set with, according to the site:


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For the bingewatchers

The official HBO shop is where you want to be if you want, say, a "Game of Thrones" Jon Snow mousepad or a pair of Freaky Freezies "Winter is Here" gloves.

Those gloves are like the material from the 80s and 90s that change color with the temperature.

For your office white elephant party

The ugly holiday sweater is the gag gift that keeps on giving, and has actually turned itself into a bona fide fashion trend.

Last year, I thought we were reaching the apex of the holiday sweater trend, but we weren’t even close because retailers doubled down on holiday sweater inventory this year by including vests and sweater dresses

L.A.-based Forever 21 has ugly holiday sweaters galore, and Target has even added pajama sets for the whole family.

For the Star Wars superfan

For the guys who want to go see Rogue One in style, how about a pair of X-Wing Starfighter cufflinks?

Or, since there are plenty of women who are also superfans, too, there's an R2D2 coffee press. Who doesn’t need a cute droid to help them wake up in the morning?

For the fashion maven

Take the designer bag she already owns and personalize it with a monogram or motif of her choice at L.A.-based DTLA Custom.

Located downtown, they will customize any leather you own — from designer bags to leather biker jackets.

Monogramming and personalization has become a huge trend over the past five years and it is really reaching a high, with many luxury brands offering it as well.


Fly away. Two finished projects with such fun detail. #dtlacustom #monogram #design #goyard

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For something uniquely L.A.

Go online at Sisters of Los Angeles.  There’s no better place to find gifts that showcase your L.A. pride.

You can toast to traffic with rocks cocktail glasses, each with a freeway printed on it: the 5, 405, 101 and the 10.

They don’t just do California, either. They’ve expanded into other states, too, so pick your favorite city.

And the holiday shop to visit this season in person: Goop.

It comes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog Goop, which people either love, hate or love to hate.

This brick-and-mortar store opened up at the Brentwood Country Mart, and all of the sections are categorized by personality: The Health Nut, The Traveler, The Host, etc.

Some of these gifts border on the opulent and ridiculous, like a $125,000 gold dumbbell set.

But the funniest one I saw is the “Consciously Uncoupled” key tag, so it's nice to see she pokes fun at herself for when she broke up with Chris Martin by saying they “consciously uncoupled."

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