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The Ride: EPA officials act on auto emissions ahead of Trump

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced yesterday that is was sticking with a plan to aggressively limit greenhouse gas emissions in new cars.

Automakers agreed to the plan back in 2012. It sets strict standards they must meet by 2025.

But the action by EPA officials may set them off on a collision course with the incoming Trump administration. The President-elect appointed a critic of climate change, Myron Ebell, as head of his EPA transition team, and a leading candidate to run the EPA, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has been a vocal critic of the agency.

Our motor critic Sue Carpenter notes that the auto industry is still trying to figure out what its relationship will be with the new administration. And she points out that regardless of what happens to US emissions standards, the auto business is a global one, and with many other nations pushing for cleaner cars, it seems unlikely car makers will abandon their emission reduction efforts.

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