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The Binge: Things to stream that will make you scream

Still from the 2015 film, The Witch starring Anya Taylor-Joy.
Still from the 2015 film, The Witch starring Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Every month Take Two contributor Mark Jordan Legan stops by with a curated list of the best things to stream on the web. 

Good thing, because with all the content that's available, it's easy to get lost.

Here's Mark's list. 

The Witch (Amazon Prime) 

The 2015 period piece horror film is from first time writer/director Robert Eggers. And it really makes the viewer feel as if they’ve been transported back in time to 1600’s Puritan New England. 

A family is banished by their community for disagreeing about interpretations of the New Testament. So the stern domineering father takes his wife, their newborn son and three other children to live on edge of a deep forest. When the oldest daughter is supposed to be watching the newborn, the baby disappears and the family begins to suspect a witch who lives in the woods took their baby. 

This film has a slow, unsettling build to it, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of those supernatural horror films that terrorizes with what it almost shows you or what you think you see there in the lurking in the shadows. 

Stonehearst Asylum - (Netflix)

This criminally underrated film from 2014 is  loosely based on an Edgar Allan Poe short story. It's a well done, well acted film with a huge and impressive cast featuring Ben Kingsley, Kate Beckinsale, and Michael Caine.

Set in 1899, the movie does an excellent job of presenting how horrific and ignorant Victorian medicine and psychiatry was at the turn of the century and there are plenty of twists and turns.

Creep (Netflix) 

This  2014 release certainly lives up to its title – it is CREEPY. A cash-strapped filmmaker answers an ad in Craigslist. A man with a terminal illness wants someone to film him, to create a video diary he claims would be for his unborn son. But as they spend the day together in the remote mountains, the filmmaker begins to wonder about this guy. 

This is one of those low-budget found footage DIY flicks but it totally works. It has a 96 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Housebound (Netflix) 

A young woman named Kylie keeps getting in trouble with the law – petty crime after petty crime, so the court places her under house arrest – at first the gimmick of the film seems to be - what is worse – jail or being trapped in the house for eight months with your dysfunctional family. But then it turns out the Mom’s house may be haunted. 

The film has a feel of the early Sam Raimi /Peter Jackson horror films – not that there’s gore, but this nice blend of comedy and scares.

Mark Jordan Legan is a writer, living in Los Angeles. Click on the link to check out past installments of The Binge.

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