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Shepard Fairey calls on his friends to help him create new EP

Nøise is Joe Cassidy, John Goff, Merritt Lear and Shepard Fairey.
Nøise is Joe Cassidy, John Goff, Merritt Lear and Shepard Fairey.
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Artist Shepard Fairey is best known for his brand Obey and for creating the iconic Obama "Hope" poster that made the rounds during the 2008 election. However, in recent years he's decided to dip his toe into the musical pool as well, recently releasing an EP called "Little Lions" with his band NØISE. That's surprising, considering Fairey doesn't sing or play an instrument.

"I pulled together a lot of ideas. [Bandmate John Goff] played some guitar stuff. You know, there's a zillion different bass and drum sounds that you can get for a cheap licensing fee or free that you can then manipulate to create your own sound," Fairey told Take Two's Alex Cohen.

He and Goff then joined up with singer Merritt Lear and musician Joe Cassidy who added the necessary musical bonafides. And eventually the collaboration paid off, resulting in the two tracks "Little Lions" and "Automatic."

For their EP, they then sent those songs out to their friends to remix. In turn they got back tracks from artists, including Moby, The Crystal Method and Phil Hartnoll. The result is eight completely unique takes on the same two songs.

Fairy and Lear came to the studio to talk to Alex Cohen about the album. To hear the entire conversation click on the audio embedded at the top of this post.