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It's not just cell phones, e-cigarettes are exploding too


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It's never nice when something that you hold next to your face catches on fire. For instance, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7. Or, as it turns out, e-cigarettes.

A group of doctors were so alarmed by the number of injuries that they saw because of exploding e-cigarettes that they decided to write about it in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The letter notes that they saw injuries from explosions, flame burns and chemical burns on patients' faces, hands, thighs and groin areas (when the e-cigarettes exploded in  pockets).

Blast injuries have led to tooth loss, traumatic tattooing, and extensive loss of soft tissue, requiring operative débridement and closure of tissue defects. The flame-burn injuries have required extensive wound care and skin grafting, and exposure to the alkali chemicals released from the battery explosion has caused chemical skin burns requiring wound care.

The letter says that the explosions are related to failures of the lithium ion batteries.

Dr. Elisha Brownson is one of the authors of the letter and she joined Take Two's A Martinez with more. 

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