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The Styled Side: A+ back-to-school fashions

A collection of day-planners by
A collection of day-planners by
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Kids are heading back to school at about this time of year.

That means new teachers, new friends and new wardrobes.

The Styled Side looks into the big business of back-to-school shopping and what's in style.

"Back-to-school shopping ranks second only to the winter holidays," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily. "It's expected to reach $75.8 billion this year."

Clothing is the biggest piece of the budget pie with parents spending an average of $239, followed by electronics, shoes and finally supplies.

"What's in is denim, denim, denim," says Tyree. "Frayed hems, patchwork-style and button-down denim skirts are big."

Also trendy are platform sneakers and athletic slides – those are flip-flips with the single horizontal band across the toes.

Backpacks are also making big-statements that mirrors a lot of the fashion trends happening right now, with everything from Southwestern-style prints and tropical prints to shiny metallic and ones with lots of zippers and hardware.

When it comes to supplies, fans of Lisa Frank will have to step aside for the new iconic folder-maker out there: Ban-do.

"Lifestyle brand Ban-do, is basically the Lisa Frank of this generation for its uber cool kitschy products-from floats to beach bags-has started a little frenzy with its new day planners," says Tyree.

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