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'Bad Moms,' good moms and everything in between

Michele K. Short

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This weekend the new film "Bad Moms" opened... the movie stars actress Mila Kunis as a working mom at the end of the rope. 

"Bad Moms" earned more than 23 million dollars on this opening weekend. My bet is that many of those going to see the film are mothers who could relate to that story line.

Moms who were very relieved to a more nuanced representation of parenthood.

Moms like our two guests  - critics and parents Claudia Puig  and Christy Lemire.

"They seem to fall into two camps," Puig says "They're either saintly or they're terrible."

According to Lemire, that saintly image on filmis problematic in more ways than one.

"First of all it's boring," she says. "No complexity, no flaws. Flaws are what make us interesting. But also it's kind of alienating and... unrelatable. Who is like that [saint]?"

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