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The Styled Side: tired of ties for Father's Day?

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Father's Day is just around the corner. But giving ties is kind of tiring.

"Dads are tricky to buy for because many are not exactly known for being avid shoppers themselves," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily.

But Tyree has some advice on how to get your dad something unique, interesting and cool. 


The number one thing people are buying for dad is a card – 64 percent of people do it.

But now online services will help you "hand-write" your card and send it out. Machines will make it look handwritten and even incorporate deliberately imperfect quirks so it looks real.

Services include Handwrytten, Bond and the Felt app

Gift baskets and boxes

If you do want to give a tie, there's a classy way to do it: don't do it yourself.

Sign up for a subscription service, and your dad will get a regular shipment of items each month.

"With Rootbizzle, someone else will pick out ties and socks for dad each month," says Tyree.

If fashion isn't what your dad wants, there are many kinds out there that Tyree recommends:

Where to shop locally

There's a way to shop locally from the comfort of your own home: Giftagram

"The company is based in Santa Monica," says Tyree, "but they curate products from local and international retailers for you."

Some of the Father's Day products include chocolates from Beverly Hills boutique Sugarfina, wallets from Phoenix-based Bison Made and more.