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The future of LA's retail scene: The traditional makeover or the highly curated shopping experience?

Rendering of the Beverly Center makeover.
Rendering of the Beverly Center makeover.
Courtesy Business Wire
Rendering of the Beverly Center makeover.
Rendering of the Culver City Platform project.
Courtesy Runyon Group

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Malls are a changing landscape in L.A. Several of the major ones are undergoing massive and expensive renovations and there are some new concepts in town.

We look at two approaches to the "future" of retail spaces and malls in Los Angeles. First, the traditional makeover: the Beverly Center is getting a $500 million revamp, the Macy's plaza downtown is about to reopen as "The Bloc", etc.

Second, there's a new retail hotspot in Culver City called Platform, which is next-level in-person shopping—the hook is that the brands there are highly curated, by admission only, etc. What does this say about shopping and retail in L.A., especially given that these malls are landmarks, hangouts, and major attractions?

For more on these and what they say about the future of shopping in L.A., Michelle Dalton Tyree, editor of Fashion Trends Daily, joined the show to discuss.

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