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Metro's bike sharing program is coming to downtown LA

An early model of the L.A. Metro bike share program.
An early model of the L.A. Metro bike share program.
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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It's been a big week for Metro with the Expo Line extension opening, and the agency is about to make another big announcement tomorrow:

LA's first bike sharing program is opening soon.

Santa Monica, Long Beach and San Diego are the few frontrunner Southern California cities that have already implemented a bike sharing program.

The exact date of LA's bike share program launch will be announced tomorrow. You can click here for more information.

 For a preview of the program, Laura Cornejo joined the show. Cornejo is overseeing the bike share at Metro.

Interview Highlights

Why start the program in downtown LA?

"Well, we looked at all the characteristics that would make bike share successful: population, employment, destination centers, bicycle infrastructure and downtown just seemed primed for bike share and so we thought, downtown would be the perfect location to start this program."

Where will people be able to ride to? All the way to dodger stadium? What's the range? 

"We'll have stations about every couple of blocks. We'll have them at Union Station, Chinatown, Grand Park, down at the Arts district, Little Tokyo. So, just about anywhere you want to go within downtown, you'll be able to find a bike."

Because this is a Metro program, wondering if it means riders can use the same TAP card for buses and light rail. That would be really convenient, Laura if we could do all that with one card.

"And, we will. The great thing about Metro leading this effort is that we're really treating this as part of our transportation system. So from the very beginning, you will be able to use your TAP card. You'll have to go online to register as a pass holder and you can either get a new TAP card with a great bike share design or you can use your existing TAP card and you will be able to use that same card to go from train to bike and back to the train.

How to use Metro Pass with Bike Share

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