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Move over Jetsons, the smart home of the future is here

Screen cap from CNET's smart home video.
Screen cap from CNET's smart home video.

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So imagine having a smart home that would put the Jetsons to shame.

You walk in the door, your chef robot would have dinner -- a plate of Chicken Alfredo, let's say -- sitting there, waiting for you.

The robot vacuum would've cleaned your house. No dust bunnies. Your DJ robot would know what music you were in the mood in-- some Sade, and your robot husband would give you a foot massage - like a real one!

While this isn't a reality yet, last year CNET did put together a smart home in Kentucky and they've been testing it out ever since.

Rich Brown an Executive Editor at CNET, joined the show to talk about the smart home and all its high tech features.

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