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Chef Judy Joo demystifies Korean food in her new book

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The trailer for "Korean Food made Simple," which airs on The Cooking Channel in the US.
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Korean food is about more than just good BBQ and Korean-American chef Judy Joo is trying to help those unfamiliar with the diversity of the cuisine better understand it with her new cookbook "Korean Food Made Simple."

Joo grew up in New Jersey, raised by first generation Korean immigrants, eating homemade kimchi and gochujang glazed meats. And while she made a detour to work on Wall Street, she eventually came back around to indulge in her love of food, attending cooking school, opening up two restaurants, writing a cookbook and starring in her own Cooking Channel television show.

In the book, readers will find dishes from Joo's childhood alongside classic and contemporary plates. Recipes for her mom's BBQ Chicken, late night naughty noodles and meaty dumplings all make an appearance. 

Joo's spent a lot of time trying to appeal to those who want to both those who grew up with Korean food and to those who want to understand it better, as she recently explained to host A Martinez.

For those from Los Angeles, Joo thinks that her fried chicken recipe can stand up to KyoChon's, in part because of its inclusion of matzo meal (for extra crunch) and vodka (it evaporates faster than water, so it leaves the chicken less soggy).

Check out some of her recipes below.

Recipes from "Korean Food Made Simple" by scprweb