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#FreeBritney: The law and reasoning of conservatorships

Pop singer Britney Spears
Pop singer Britney Spears
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Welcome back to Take Two. I'm A Martinez. Alex Cohen is out for the day.

So... It's confession time for A Martinez:

He's a proud Britney Spears fan. Always has been. Most of her hits are some of his favorite work out anthems.

As you might remember, Britney went through some mental health and substance abuse issues many years ago.

Her father Jamie Spears and her lawyer Andrew Wallet were named Britney's co-conservators in 2008.

Because of this, she cannot make major decisions about her personal life or finances without their approval.

That has many fans worried that Britney is being taken advantage of, now that she's older and in a better state of mind. One fan started a "Free Britney" website and hashtag that's gotten some attention.

To better understand the legality behind all of this, Take Two's A Martinez spoke to Mina Sirkin.

She's a California probate attorney specializing in conservatorship cases.

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