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'Gayby Baby' chronicles the lives of kids with gay parents

Gus and his mom Jamie in a scene from the documentary
Gus and his mom Jamie in a scene from the documentary "Gayby Baby."
Marla House

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These days more and more kids are growing up in families with two moms or two dads.

Here in the U.S. and in other countries— like Australia— the debate over whether kids raised by same-sex couples fare better or worse than children with heterosexual parents can get pretty rancorous. 

But what do kids who've been raised by gay parents have to say about it? 

The new Australian documentary "Gayby Baby" seeks to answer that question by taking a look at the experiences of four kids with same-sex parents. "Gayby" is a term that was created by kids of gay parents to describe themselves.

The film chronicles the kids' everyday lives over a three year period. Charlotte Mars, the film's producer, says that approach was a way to move beyond the debate.

"We were sick of the argument really, we wanted to try and offer something that was less about extreme opinions and this kind of political football of 'Are the kids alright?'" Mars says. "We felt like personal narratives were the way to disarm that."

The film's director, Maya Newell, who was raised by two moms, says she hopes the film will change the often polarizing conversation around kids of same-sex couples.

"You have some people that are just never going to change their mind about same-sex parenting and kids and then you have other people who are really on the other side who are pushing us to project ourselves in this sort of perfect way," Newell says. "What that does is it jus absolutely silences that middle of the vast majority of people who might be completely okay about our types of families but not actually have a space to raise legitimate questions."

To hear the full interview with Maya Newell and Charlotte Mars about "Gayby Baby," click the blue player above.

"Gayby Baby" is now playing in theaters and is available on iTunes.