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Santa Clarita foster parents face an uphill battle to keep part-Choctaw child

Rusty Page holds four-year old Lexi.
Rusty Page holds four-year old Lexi.

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Rusty and Summer Page continue a campaign to reunify with their six year-old foster child Lexi, taken Monday from their home in Santa Clarita by Child Protective Services.

Lexi is part-Choctaw and has been under the Page's care since she was a baby.

Now she's at the center of a legal debate involving the Indian Child Welfare Act, a federal mandate originally put in place to keep Native American children from being separated from their parents.

The Pages plan to appeal the court's decision to take Lexi to her extended family in Utah, but face an uphill battle.

Take Two's A. Martinez speaks with lawyer Mark Fiddler, founder of the Indian Child Welfare Center, about the unique of nature of this case.