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Run River North’s new sound came with growing pains

"Run Or Hide" from Run River North's new album "Drinking from a Salt Pond".
Run River North (via YouTube)

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A little over two years ago we did an interview with the Los Angeles based band Run River North, a six person outfit from the San Fernando Valley. One of the things that made them stand out on their first album is that they filmed a music video, instruments and all, stuffed inside a moving Honda.

After their music video was released, they blew up. It got Honda's attention, so the car company booked the band a gig on Jimmy Kimmel, and then recorded it as an ad.

It's been a few years, but they're back with a new album "Drinking From A Salt Pond" and it's different than what they did before. It's no surprise that the evolution of a young band can be a fraught one... especially when there are six young people involved.

Recently Alex Hwang and Daniel Chae joined A Martinez to talk about that evolving relationship and what it's meant for their music.

To hear the entire interview click on the audio embedded at the top of this post.