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Oscar-nominated Animated Feature series: "Anomalisa"

"Anomalisa" is co-directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson
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For the past 15 years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has given out an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. 

The inaugural award went to the film Shrek.

Other years it's gone to Pixar classics like The Incredibles and  WALL-E.

Last year, Disney's Big Hero 6 took home the honor. 

So far, all the winners have been different in their own ways - but they share one theme in common - they're all family films.

The same cannot be said of one of this year's nominees: Anomalisa

Anomalisa features deep philosophical questions.... there's also nudity, sex and some salty language.

The film was directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson. It features stop-motion animation done by Johnson and a script written by Kaufman, which was originally penned as a play. 

A stop motion Kickstarter video helped them raise the money for the film, which Duke Johnson explained, was a  very complicated one to make. 

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