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Oscar-nominated Animated Feature series: "Boy & the World" and "When Marnie was There"

"Boy and the World" is the Brazilian contender in the Oscar animated feature category and "When Marnie was there" is the Japanese contender.
Courtesy of GKIDS

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Here at Take Two, we've been hearing from the nominees in the Best Animated Feature Film category.

This year, the category has a very international feel... Of the five nominated films, there's an entry from British filmmakers.

There are also films from Brazil and Japan.

Boy & the World, is the story of a boy in search for his father told in a very colorful and imaginative way.

When Marnie was There, based on a book, Marnie follows the story of a young girl sent to live with relatives in the countryside. She soon becomes enamored with a mansion and a girl who lives there.

Boy and the World and When Marnie was There made it to the U.S. thanks to a New York-based distributor of animated films called GKIDS.

For more on the company and its two nominated films, we're joined now by Dave Jesteadt, Senior Vice President of Distribution for GKIDS.

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