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Mark Burton on Oscar nominated 'Shaun the Sheep Movie' - a stop-action film with no dialogue

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This week on Take Two, we've been hearing from the nominees in this year's Best Animated Feature film category at the Oscars.

These days, most animated films rely in part on the voices of big celebrities to bring in audiences, but one of the nominated films doesn't have that star power... because it has NO dialogue.

Shaun the Sheep Movie is about a very smart sheep who lives on a farm in rural England.

Shaun and his farm buddies play a trick on the farmer - a shenanigan which accidentally leads them on a wild adventure to the big city. 

The film's co-director, Mark Burton, joined the show to discuss the ups and downs of making a full-length stop-motion feature with no dialogue.

Interview highlights below:

On making a film with no dialogue:

"...It was quite a big idea, let's be honest, to make a family movie with no dialogue and we knew it was going to be a challenge. But I think it was good, it made us think about the story in a very different way. We had to tell a story that had emotional ideas to it but was quite simple but hopefully quite profound."

Why Sheep?:

"It's about the storytelling, and we learned a lot of this from the great Nick Park. If you watch Wallace and Gromet, you'll cut to a reaction shot of Gromet, when Wallace has done something stupid you know exactly what Gromet is thinking but he's barely moving...We reach into their heads and so obviously you need to convey some ideas, but you know sometimes less is more..."

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