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Oscar-nominated live-action shorts: "Ave Maria"

The Oscar nominated short-film
The Oscar nominated short-film "Ave Maria"

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As we get closer to the night of the Oscars award ceremony, Take Two is speaking with nominees for the award for the best animated and best short film.

Next we'll hear from Baasil Khalil , writer and director of the short "Ave Maria."

The plot of the film sounds like a joke you'd hear in a bar. 

It goes like this...

A convent of Palestinian nuns is living in silence in the wilderness of the West Bank.

When an Orthodox Jewish family's car crashes into them, trying to make it home in time for the Sabbath. 

Much hilarity follows, as the characters involved find a way to communicate --  all while holding on to strict religious traditions.

Khalil told Take Two's A Martinez about finding out that Ave Maria was up for an Oscar.

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