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The Styled Side: getting the looks of 'Zoolander No. 2' on point

Actors Ben Stiller (L) and Owen Wilson walk the runway during the
Actors Ben Stiller (L) and Owen Wilson walk the runway during the "Zoolander No. 2" World Premiere at Alice Tully Hall on February 9, 2016 in New York City.
Brian Ach/Getty Images for Paramount

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Like a pair of acid-washed jeans, Derek Zoolander is making a fashion comeback!

In "Zoolander No. 2," Ben Stiller reprises his role as the male supermodel extraordinaire.

This time, he's tasked with ending a conspiracy to kill the world's most beautiful people. 

But who cares about plot when there is all that fabulous fashion to talk about? Because the original film was a style-setter ahead of its time.

"'Zoolander' was the harbinger of selfie culture to come," say Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily, "and now all the sucked-in cheeks and duck-lipped poses that Zoolander embraced to hysterical effect is all over our social media accounts-minus any of the irony!"

Tyree says fashion houses raced to collaborate with the producers of "Zoolander No. 2."

"I spoke with the film's costume designer, Leesa Evans," she says, "and Evans said they used pieces from Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Valentino, Balmain, Dries von Noten, Opening Ceremony and more."

Evans says only 10 percent of the film's costumes were off-the-rack: half were custom-made, a third were samples from designers and the rest was vintage.

Tyree adds that the movie is a send-up of fashion, but producers didn't want to completely burn their bridges with Hollywood.

So the most over-the-top creations were designed by Evans and her team.