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The Great Race: Is the car still king in LA?

The Great Race: Is the car still king in LA?
The Great Race: Is the car still king in LA?
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The complaints about L.A.'s traffic are endless: road closures, blocked car pool lanes, a 30 minute journey turning into an epic two hour trek across town.

But the way we move around Southern California is shifting.

There's a growing mass transit network, neighborhoods are changing around transport hubs, the popularity of electric vehicles is on the upswing and more people using pedal power or just their own two feet. 

We delve into how L.A. moves on Thursday's Take Two.

We'll cover the history of our roadways, the psychology behind campaigns to use mass transit, and the real struggles of finding a place to park or plug in. 

We even have an experiment. And a competition!

Who would win a race between Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to the Santa Monica Pier?

A driver? A bicyclist? A transit rider?

We sent out three producers to find out. 

Who will win? Vote for #TeamCar, #TeamBike or #TeamPublicTransport.

The route

Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier

The racers

By car: Sue Carpenter, automotive critic for the OC Register

By bike: Jacob Margolis, KPCC producer

By mass transit: Leo Duran, KPCC reporter/producer

The time

Morning rush hour, starting at 8:30 am sharp

The rules

Use whatever tools and technology you have at your disposal. The final route you take is up to your discretion.

We also want to hear your transportation stories. What are some of your worst commuting stories? Have you changed the way you travel or work to beat the traffic? Maybe you get around in an unconventional way — by boat or skateboard?

Leave a comment on our Facebook page, on Twitter or below and tune in from 9 to 11 a.m. Thursday to hear if the car is still king in Take Two's Great Race!

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