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New series 'Lost LA' explores untold stories of LA history

Each episode of
Each episode of "Lost LA" explores a different subject, from vanished wetlands to the communities erased by the construction of Dodger Stadium.

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When you think of Los Angeles, what do you picture? 

The towering buildings which dot the downtown skyline? The glamour of Hollywood? The density of all the millions who now call this place home? Well, L.A. didn't always look like this.

A new KCET series called "Lost LA," created in partnership with the USC Libraries explores an era quite different from the city we now know— one filled with grizzly bears, when the L.A. river flowed year round.

Nathan Masters, an L.A. historian with the USC Libraries, hosts the show. He stopped by Take Two to talk about bringing to life some of the surprising stories he's uncovered in the archives.


The first episode of "Lost LA" premieres January 27th at 8:30pm PT on KCET. You can find a sneak peek here.