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'Making a Murderer' and the criminal justice system

Steven Avery from the Netflix original documentary series
Steven Avery from the Netflix original documentary series "Making A Murderer".

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The true crime genre has become something of an obsession for Americans, just think of the podcast "Serial",  HBO's "The Jinx" and now "Making a Murderer" on Netflix.

The 10-part documentary series follows the case of Steven Avery who was convicted of the 2005 killing of Teresa Haibach along with his nephew, Brendan Dassey. The conviction of this crime came shortly after Avery had been exonerated from a 1985 sexual assault case.

"Making a Murderer" has spawned a campaign calling on the White House to pardon the two men and it's inspired a new crop of armchair super sleuths

These true crime serials are often framed as "whodunnits," but in a recent New York Times op-ed,  former federal prosecutor, Lisa Kern Griffin says the focus isn't quite right.

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