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The Brood: A baby's daycare death leads to a parental leave campaign

Amber Scorah and Lee Towndrow's son, Karl Towndrow.
Amber Scorah and Lee Towndrow's son, Karl Towndrow.
Lee Towndrow

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The first day back to work after having a new baby can be a tough one for any working parent.

Amber Scorah was no different. She was a new mom working at a publishing company in New York City. After having her baby Karl, and three months of paid maternity leave, she headed back to work in July of this year.

As she left Karl at a day care near her work for the first time, a list of worries ran through her mind. But, as she recently wrote for the New York Times, she never imagined in her wildest nightmare that Karl would die on his first day of day care.

Amber Scorah is now asking why she, and other parents in the U.S., have to leave their infants so soon. Scorah spoke with Take Two's Alex Cohen about her story and about her campaign for paid parental leave, called "For Karl."

To hear the full interview with Amber Scorah, click the link above.