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How low-income tenants can tackle mold, mice, other living condition issues

A leaky faucet.
A leaky faucet.
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Many people living in substandard and unhealthy housing don't speak out about it. They may not know where to turn, or fear that speaking out could leave them homeless. 

Elena Popp is a tenants' rights attorney and the executive director of the Eviction Defense Network. She says there are two common reasons why low income families don't speak up about subpar living conditions.

"I think the most common reason is that folks don't know where to call, and the second most common reason is that even if they know where to call, they're afraid of retaliation or reprisals from the owner," she said. Popp noted that she's seen cases of eviction, rent increases and even harassment like turning off utilities.

She offered tenants these tips for tenants facing housing quality issues:

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