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Karma, the wolf-dog of Anaheim, slated to be euthanized

Karma is a registered therapy dog and helps owner Josh Ogle with the effects of PTSD.
Karma is a registered therapy dog and helps owner Josh Ogle with the effects of PTSD.
Courtesy of Danna Cruzin, OC Register

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Time is running out for Karma, a 4-year-old part husky, part wolf canine from Anaheim. 

Karma was taken from her home in May after her owners were arrested in a domestic violence incident, according to Erika Ritchie, who has been covering Karma's story for the OC Register. After discovering Karma's partial wolf genetics, and that she had allegedly killed a cat in the past, Orange County Animal Care deemed Karma vicious through a city ordinance.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors ruled this week to keep Karma slated to be euthanized, a decision first made by Orange County Animal Care.

Part of the discussion about the cat's death has revolved around the possibility that Karma had been left without food.

"Those are some of the things that Supervisor Todd Spitzer, who's been working to try to get some help for Karma, mentioned during the board meeting on Tuesday," said Ritchie. "As far as the records from Orange County Animal Care, I don't know if any of that evidence is in there, but that has been discussed."  

In addition, Ritchie says testing showed Karma's wolf genetics are only .15, which has been a point of contention for animal advocates. 

"That's been a matter of discussion about whether or not she is really wolf, how much wolf she really has," she said. "But basically the bottom line is because she does have that in there, there's a question as to whether or not rabies vaccine is effective on a dog that has wolf content."

People from all over the world are now trying to intervene and save Karma's life. 

"It's been crazy. I have written lots of interesting stories that have raised the public ire,  but I have never gotten so many emails myself, just from people worldwide trying to save her," said Ritchie. "Everybody's trying to do what they can to save her, and trying to find some way legally that might be a chance for the judge to reverse this decision."

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