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How big of a deal is the Ashley Madison hack?

The website of the
The website of the "married dating" service Ashley Madison was the target of hackers who were demanding that the service be discontinued.

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Surprise, surprise -- there's been another data breach. On Tuesday hackers released millions of user records from the site

If you're unfamiliar with Ashley Madison, just look to their slogan for a hint: "Life is short. Have an affair." It's it's a site that was built to help people cheat on their spouses. And now, everything from usernames, to messages, to payment information have been leaked to the world wide web.

How big of a deal is this hack? Kim Zetter is a senior staff reporter at Wired, and she joined host A Martinez for a discussion on the topic.

If you'd like to hear the entire conversation, click on the audio embedded above. If you'd like to check if information that you're familiar with has been leaked, click here.