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Bernie Sanders 'mania' could complicate the Clinton campaign

Sen. Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders
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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosted what he calls ‘the biggest grassroots campaign event of the 2016 race,’ last night.

Sanders says over 100,000 tuned in to hear him speak in a live webcast, and his campaign says there were watching parties in all 50 states.

The Vermont senator’s meteoric rise to fame has come as a surprise to many in the political world—even Sanders himself. His campaign speeches are well-attended, and he has successfully raised over $15 million in small donations.

Though recent polls show him trailing Hillary Clinton by as much as 30 points nationally, Sanders continues to gather support from discontented Democrats and Republicans across the country. The Washington Post’s Rebecca Sinderbrand tells Take Two, Sanders’ strong stance against income inequality has helped change the tone the election:

“He’s coming out with a message that is [at least rhetorically] much stronger against Wall Street, against the corporate elites than Hillary Clinton has been comfortable with doing … Hillary Clinton has responded to this. [She gave] a speech just this month in which she pushed back on Wall Street … She went to Iowa immediately after that, talking to base voters … You can’t necessarily say that’s because of Bernie Sanders, but you can say that it’s a message that she absolutely needed to deliver now, with Bernie Sanders out there.”

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