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LA Aftershocks series: Dead Prez talks hip-hop and race relations

Dead Prez
Dead Prez
TT Coles

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Hip hop has provided the soundtrack to African American social movements since the 80s. One of the key voices in the genre of music for activism is the duo known as Dead Prez. 

As part of Grand Performances' series 'Aftershocks' marking 50 years since the Watts riots, Take Two' s A Martinez sat down with M1 and Stic.Man from Dead Prez along with Mark Torres from the Pacifica Radio Archives ahead of a performance mixing news coverage from the Watts riots with hip hop beats. 

The conversation is part of "downSTAGE with Take Two" - a series of pre-show interviews adding context and color to the 'Aftershocks' events. 

Join host A Martinez for the latest in the Aftershocks series, starting at 7:30 p.m. at the California Plaza as he talks mass incarceration with the creators of "The Last Jimmy."

Listen to the first in the Aftershocks series on Wattstax here