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Sir Ian McKellen and his turn as Sherlock Holmes

Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes
Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes

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The new film Mr. Holmes features Sir Ian McKellen as that famous British detective invented by yet another Sir -  writer Arthur Conan Doyle. 

But there's a twist... in this film, there's a REAL Mr. Holmes...  a frail man in his 90s who is quite different from the character who appears in stories written by his colleague, Dr. Watson.

In the film, Mr. Holmes battles senility as he tries to resolve some final mysteries. He's cut off from the world, with the exception of his housekeeper, played by actress Laura Linney and her young son. 

Alex Cohen joined them both recently to talk about the film, and she started by asking McKellen if he had any connection to the character growing up. 

"I don't really remember a time when I didn't know who Sherlock Holmes was, and actually that's true of a lot of people. He's just part of the culture."