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Tuesday Reviewsday: Jamie XX, Saun & Starr and more

Saundra Williams (L) and Starr Duncan Lowe form the duo Saun and Starr. Their new album is
Saundra Williams (L) and Starr Duncan Lowe form the duo Saun and Starr. Their new album is "Look Closer."
Daptone Records

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Oliver Wang from Soul-Sides and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes join A Martinez in the studio for Take Two's weekly new music installment - Tuesday Reviewsday.

Below are their picks for what you should be listening to.

Morgan Rhodes 

Artist: J*Davey
Songs: "High on Life," and "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda"
Album: Pomp
Summary: Ten years ago they were ahead of their time.  Los Angeles natives Brook D'Leau and Miss Jack Davey were blending genres before blending genres became de rigeur.  Part Joy Division, part Eurythmics, part Vanity 6, they're back on the scene after strong anticipation.

Artist: Saun & Starr
Song: "Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah"
Album: Look Closer
Summary: Funky retro soul from this duo of backup singers to Sharon Jones, their debut is classic Daptone Records style.

Artist: Alina Baraz & Galamatias
Song: "Can I" and "Make You Feel"
Album: Urban Flora

Summary: Producing what's etherial and sultry, the music is like blending EDM with Sade. This duo is a collaboration between Cleveland and Denmark, merged to make sultry soulful electronica.

Oliver Wang

Artist: Jamie XX feat. Young Thug
Song: "I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)"
Album: In Colour

Summary: It's meant to revisit the 90s rave years in the UK, but it's not strictly nostalgic. There's a lot of diversity throughout the album, and this track mixes an innocent-sounding melody with Young Thug whose lyrics are filthy and Lil Wayne-esque.

Artist: Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar
Song: "Bad Blood Remix"
Album: 1989

Summary: This remix could've been credited "Kendrick Lamar feat. Taylor Swift" because he's so prominently featured in this version. In hip-hop, an artist of Lamar's stature might have rubbed off people the wrong way. But now, taking the biggest acts in pop music and mashing them together is a natural move.

Artist: The Brothers Johnson
Song: "Strawberry Letter 23"
From: Right On Time (1977)

Summary: This isn't a new release, but a remembrance for Louis Johnson who passed away at 60. He's one half of The Brothers Johnson, and "Strawberry Letter 23" is one of their biggest hits. They were giants in their day, and Louis was one of the most important bass players of their days, nicknamed "Thunder Thumbs."