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'Sunken City' in San Pedro could reopen to the public

San Pedro, Calif. – This is where the ending to
San Pedro, Calif. – This is where the ending to "The Big Lebowski" was filmed. Sunken City was a subdivision until a landslide destroyed it in 1929. Now it's a canvas for graffiti artists.
R.G. Wong @glomean

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Sunken City in San Pedro was once a six-acre housing development of bungalows overlooking the Pacific, before it began sliding into the sea in the 1920s. Reminders of the community remain and, though officially off limits to visitors, the site is a big draw for all sorts of urban adventurers, even if they are trespassing. 

This week a local councilman began exploring plans to open the area to the public. Sam Lubell, West Coast Editor of The Architect's Newspaper, recently wrote about the lost neighborhood for the New York times.