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Should you be negotiating lower medical costs with your doctor?

Would a doctor dressing neatly affect your rating?
Would a doctor dressing neatly affect your rating?

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In recent weeks on Take Two, we've been talking about the high cost of health care and ways that you can try to reduce some of those costs. 

It's tough, because negotiating what we pay for health care isn't something most of us have ever done. Usually, if there's something wrong with you, you go to the doctor and he or she will tell you what you'll need to pay, no questions asked. But times are changing and these days you may actually be able to haggle with your physician.

Southern California Public Radio's Rebecca Plevin joins Alex Cohen to talk about what it takes to negotiate better medical costs on our weekly health segment called "Impatient."

To check out Rebecca's post on haggling with your doctor here.