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Some modern takes on classic fairy tales

Scene from 1987's The Princess Bride.
Scene from 1987's The Princess Bride.
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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The live action adaptation of the popular Disney story Cinderella opened recently ... which has a lot of people talking about the history of fairy tales in modern movies.

Take Two contributor Mark Jordan Legan talks about some other classic live action films that tackle the fairy tale genre.

In 1998's Ever After,  Drew Barrymore plays the famous down on her luck orphan and Anjelica Huston is terrific as the evil stepmother:



And in 2007, Paramount Pictures released the film Stardust. Based on a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman its story revolved around a falling star that crashes to Earth and takes on a human form. The film stared Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer,  Robert DeNiro and Sienna Miller.


But maybe the most loved of all is 1987’s The Princess Bride. Filmmaker Rob Reiner created the action/romance/comedy based on William Goldman’s book of the same name. And although it's now considered a classic - it wasn't a major box office hit upon its initial release.