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Etsy IPO latest sign of changing culture at DIY site

Handmade ceramic jewelry sold on Etsy by Amy Roth.
Handmade ceramic jewelry sold on Etsy by Amy Roth.

Over the past decade, Etsy has become the most popular online hub for handmade goods - from crocheted snoopy baby booties to hats which will transform your chihuaha into a rainbow-maned unicorn.

It has lots of buyers - almost 20 million in the past year, according to Etsy.  Last year they spent almost 2 billion dollars on the site.

Despite that, Etsy has been running at a loss for the last three years. 

Now the privately held company has filed for an initial public offering - meaning you too could soon own a  slice of their e-commerce pie.

But what might this mean for the more than one million sellers on the site?

Amy Roth joins the show with more. She's been selling her ceramic jewelry from her LA home on Etsy since 2007