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Yale study: Many young women don’t recognize heart attack symptoms

Used with permission from the American Heart Association

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Getting immediate care if you're experiencing a heart attack could save your life. But what if you were having one and you didn't even know it?

Turns out many women - especially younger women - don't know what the symptoms of a heart attack are; and even if they do suspect they're in the midst of one, many women hesitate to seek medical care right away.

These are the results of a new study from the Yale School of Public Health, published this week in the American Heart Association's Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes

The study's author, Dr. Judy Lichtman, is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Chronic Diseases at Yale. She joined Take Two to talk about the symptoms of a heart attack, why women don't always seek emergency care right away, and how they can be better empowered to do so.