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'The Imitation Game' Director Morten Tyldum on his first Oscar nomination

The official trailer for
The official trailer for "The Imitation Game."
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"As a filmmaker this is what you dream of when you start making movies," says Morten Tyldum, the Director of "The Imitation Game," on his first Oscar nomination. 

While the film is about British scientist Alan Turing and his journey to break coded Nazi messages during World War II, Tyldum seems to have broken the Hollywood code.

The film's been nominated for eight Academy Awards, with Tyldum himself being nominated for Best Director. And it's the first major US film for the Norwegian movie-maker, in fact, it's his first Engish language film, ever. 

Tyldum isn't inexperienced though. He previously directed one of the highest grossing Norwegian films of all time, "Headhunters," but hadn't tried his hand at a big budget Hollywood film until he created the story about the man that some call the father of computers.

 "The movie is told like a mystery. Like a thriller. Where you as an audience have to piece it together. And that is how it was for us." 

Without any video or recordings of Turing, Tyldum explains that he had to piece together the life of the famous physicist, what he was like, his mannerism and his actions, old texts and interviews with people who knew him. 

Tyldum joins fill-in host Tess Vigeland for a discussion about what it's like to be nominated for his first Oscar, why he decided to tell the story of Alan Turing and what it's like having his first Hollywood film do so well.