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Voodoo and cannibalism: The man behind today's zombie craze

Scene from season 5 of AMC's
Scene from season 5 of AMC's "The Walking Dead."
Scene from season 5 of AMC's
Still from the AMC show "Walking Dead."

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Fans of the hit AMC show, "The Walking Dead," were treated to the first episode in the second half of the fifth season on Sunday night.

The program has become one of the most successful television shows ever, and there's no surprise that people love zombies. 

But none of the zombie fare out there, from "The Walking Dead" to "Night of the Living Dead" and everything in between, would have been possible were it not for a man named William Seabrook.

In 1928, Seabrook came face to face with a zombie in Haiti. Emily Matchar recently wrote about him for the online publication The Atavist and she joined the show from Hong Kong to talk more about it.