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Sony co-chair Amy Pascal in spotlight after 'The Interview' controversy

Amy Pascal, co-chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Amy Pascal, co-chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
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The decision by Sony Pictures to pull the Seth Rogan/James Franco film "The Interview"  following a threat on movie-goers, has put the spotlight on the studio's boss, co-chairman Amy Pascal.

Under her leadership, the studio has taken on other controversial projects such as "Zero Dark Thirty" and financially risky ventures like "Moneyball". 

Pascal is very supportive of filmmakers but it's a management style that can be detrimental, according to John Horn, host of the arts show The Frame on Southern California Public Radio.

"Hollywood is built on relationships... and Amy Pascal has the best relationships in Hollywood" said Horn. "She's very friendly to talent and very friendly to filmmakers... and it's been her greatest asset and I think, in this instance, her biggest liability." 

Horn pointed out that there had been talk among Sony executives about changing the character of Kim Jong Un to a fictional person, but that the filmmakers insisted on keeping the North Korean leader's real name in the movie.