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The Wheel Thing: Huracan, Kia Soul EV, F-150 – the best cars of 2014

The Huracan is Lamborghini's
The Huracan is Lamborghini's "entry-level" model. Sticker price, just under $240K, but if you've got the money, our car critic says its the best in its class.
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Our auto critic Susan Carpenter drives a lot of cars.  Pretty much every week, she pulls up in something new she's testing out.  Here are her three faves for 2014

Lamborghini Huracan:  Although it's Lambo's "entry-level" vehicle, it will still set you back almost a quarter of a million bucks.  But, if you've got that kind of dough to throw around on a supercar, Sue says this is a great choice.  She loves the way it handles, the way it sounds, and the way it looks.  

Kia Soul EV:  As the electric market has begun to mature, Carpenter says Kia has put together a model that has the best range and the most utility at the best price.  Plus, she says the Korean import has regenerative braking (much like that on the far more expensive Tesla) which is part of why it can get almost 100 miles on a charge.

Ford F-150:  Technically, this is a 2015, and won't show up in dealerships until January, but Carpenter says Ford has taken their best-selling truck and made it quite a bit better.  An all aluminum frame helps the pickup get economy car-style mileage, and Carpenter says great little design features, like spotlights in the side mirrors make it a great vehicle for campers and back country explorers.

Susan Carpenter is auto and motorcycle critic for the OC Register, and joins us on Thursdays for The Wheel Thing.