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Jeff Bridges returns to his first love (music) with a new live album and tour

Jeff Bridges & the Abiders new album is called
Jeff Bridges & the Abiders new album is called "Live."

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Jeff Bridges is a man of many talents. He's won over audiences for years in films like "The Big Lebowksi," "Tron" and "True Grit." 

But movies weren't actually his first love. Bridges says that for many years, he thought he might pursue music professionally, instead of acting. But his father, actor Lloyd Bridges, convinced him otherwise.

"He would say, 'Jeff, one of the wonderful things about acting is you play all kinds of characters and you’re gonna be called upon to play a musician for time to time, or be a painter... That’s one of the great things about acting,'" Bridges says. "And he was absolutely right.” 

And in 2009, an Oscar-winning role in the film "Crazy Heart" helped Bridges launch a side career in music.

Bridges has a new live album out now with his band "The Abiders" and he's currently on tour, performing tomorrow at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.

Now Bridges has a daughter who's following in his footsteps, pursuing her own career in music. His daughter, Jessie Bridges, is his opening act.

It's just one of many projects Bridges is working on with his three daughters, who he says he didn't get to spend enough time playing with when they were little. 

"I guess as an adult, what you used to call play is now called work," Bridges says. "I’ve invented a couple of words, 'plorking' or 'worlay'... So I try to plork or worlay with my kids and dear friends as much as I can.”