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Tuesday Reviewsday: Flying Lotus, Radio Ridler and more

Flying Lotus -
Flying Lotus - "You're Dead"

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It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, Take Two's weekly new music segment. Joining A Martinez in the studio this week is Oliver Wang from

Oliver Wang

"Never Catch Me"

Artist: Flying Lotus
Album: "You're Dead"
Songs: "Never Catch Me," "The Boys Who Died In Their Sleep"
Flying Lotus's fifth album is inspired by the musical idea of what the journey from death to after life is like, very much influenced by Lotus's great-aunt Alice Coltrane and "Lord of Lords," which was also about musically thinking through the journey of the spirit after death. The album features his frequent musical partner, the bassist Thundercat, along with guests like Kendrick Lamar, Herbie Hancock and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. 

Artist: 6ix
Album: "I'm Just Like You: Sly Stone's Stone Flower 1969-70"
Song: "I'm Just Like You"
Stone Flower was Sly Stone's short lived, self-owned label that put out some pretty experimental funk/soul in the late '60s just as Sly and the Family Stone were heading to the height of their commercial success. Sly did a lot of the experimentation that would end up on the "Riot!" LP via Stone Flower releases first, including many songs that used drum machines ahead of mostly anyone else. 

Artist: Barbara Lynn
Album: "The Complete Atlantic Recordings"
Song: "Why Can't You Love Me?"

"You'll Lose A Good Thing"

Notes: Lynn is best known for her early '60s hit, "You'll Lose a Good Thing" but was poised to achieve big things when Atlantic had her record with them in 1968. She did ok - the album yielded a few Top 40 hits - but she never achieved the superstardom that her contemporaries, including Aretha Franklin, ever saw. Great great music though, especially "Why Can't You Love Me?" which is this beautiful, haunting ballad. 

"Why Can't You Love Me?"

Artist: Radio Ridler
Album: "Purple Reggae"
Song: "Purple Rain"

"Purple Rain"