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Colorado pot retailers offering milder marijuana products for novices

Photo by Sean Douglas via Flickr Creative Commons

Colorado's marijuana dispensaries are offering products specifically for the novice cannabis user who wants to try marijuana without regretting it.

Associated Press reporter Kristen Wyatt says part of the push has to do with the tourist population. Up to 90 percent of customers who visit resort-area shops are from out of state, according to Wyatt. So, retailers will start off those who are curious about cannabis with lighter products, like THC-infused soda.

"In addition to recommending some lighter things to folks, they want to have something on their shelves that says this is not for someone who smokes a bowl every day. This is for you, 50 year old woman, who hasn’t tried pot since college," she said.

Wyatt notes that even though the marijuana content is low in these products, they can have different effects on different people, and the shops want to avoid any bad outcomes.

"It's not so much that there have been serious incidents like a rash of deaths or overdoses, they always say there’s no fatal overdose of pot, but it is easy to overdose in terms of feeling sick...It's a common feeling they want to make sure that doesn't happen," she said.