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Heat wave: How zoo animals, Disney characters and tourists are beating the heat

King Louie, Baloo and the monkeys from
King Louie, Baloo and the monkeys from "The Jungle Book." Characters at Disneyland are just some of those who will deal with the heat wave.
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There's a heat wave on the way in Southern California. Forecasters are predicting triple-digit temperatures and possibly record-breaking heat in some parts of the Los Angeles area.

At the Los Angeles Zoo, they're preparing for the worst (with some fun thrown in) with an event called "Cool at the Zoo."

Mike Maxcy, the principle animal keeper at the L.A. Zoo says they'll be feeding the animals some special cool treats: "fishsicles," "fruitsicles" and "meatsicles."

And what about the people that play animals? You know, the folks that wear those fuzzy costumes at Disneyland?

Garrett Kraemer used to play Goofy, the Genie from "Aladdin," and Baloo from "The Jungle Book." As he explains it, "it would be like going out in 100-degree weather wrapped in 10 quilts. And walking around and dancing in it? Yeah, it's not super pleasant in the heat."

When temperatures got too high, Kraemer says, their regular 30-minute shifts would be shortened.

And frequent Take Two guest and "King of Kitsch" Charles Phoenix will also have to contend with the brutal heat this weekend. He's planned a Disneyland-themed six-hour walking tour of downtown L.A. 

The tour happens "rain or shine," but this is a lot of shine, so he's traded in the school bus he usually uses for his tours for an air-conditioned coach.