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Stuart Murdoch on his new film 'God Help The Girl'

Actors Emily Browning and Olly Alexander in the film
Actors Emily Browning and Olly Alexander in the film "God Help The Girl", directed by Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of Belle and Sebastian.

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It's pretty rare that you hear about a pop star writing a movie, let alone directing it — but, that's just what Stuart Murdoch, the lead singer of the Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian, did.

His new film is called "God Help the Girl," and it's a story about a young girl named Eve and a summer she spends forming a band with her friends James and Cass.

"God Help The Girl"

The film is out in theaters and on demand Sept. 5.

Stuart Murdoch joins Alex Cohen in the studio to talk about the film, how difficult it was to write, where he found inspiration and what it was like recording many of the songs, live, on set.

There's also a screening at CineFamily in Hollywood on September 2, with Stuart Murdoch.